In Order To Be A Great Athlete You Need: 


8 Components for GREAT golf performance

1. Skills: putting, chipping, sand shots, full swing irons, full swing driver. (within these skills there are sub skills like reading greens, dealing with uneven lies) 

2. Mental Strategies: developing a sound pre-shot routine, managing emotions, staying calm.

3. Clubs: having the right set-make up and fitted irons, driver and putter

4. Fitness: stable body, mobile back, fast reflexes, strong legs (Al Horkoff) 

5. Nutrition: you are what you eat! 

6. Tactical: managing yourself around the golf course, which clubs to use, what swing to use, understanding ball contact, ball flight

7. Fundamental Movement Skills: awesome golfers have exceptional hand-eye coordination

8. Practice: new competitors should be practcing 5-7 hours a week (45 - 90 min practices)